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Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips

Your refrigerator will not operate:

Is the power supply cord unplugged? Plug into a grounded 3 prolong outlet.

Has a household fuse o circuit breaker tripped? Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

Is the refrigerator defrosting? Recheck to see whether the refrigerator is operation in 30 minutes. Your refrigerator will regularly run in automatic defrost cycle.

Is refrigerator not cooling? For models with digital controls, turn the unit OFF then ON again to retest. If this does not correct the problem, call for service.

The motor seems to run too much:

Is the room temperature hotter then normal? The motor will run longer under arm conditions. At normal room temperature, expect your to run about 40% to 80% of the time. Under warmer conditions, it will run even more.

Has a large amount of food just been added to the refrigerator? Adding a large amount of food warms the refrigerator. The motor normally will run longer to cool refrigerator back down.

Are the doors opened often? The motor will run longer when this occurs. Conserve energy by getting all items out at one time, keeping food organized, and closing the door as soon as possible.

Are the condenser coils dirty? This prevents air transfer and makes the motor work harder. Clean the condenser coils.

Are the door gaskets not sealed all the way around? Contact the technician or other qualified person.

There is water in the defrost drain pan:

Is the refrigerator defrosting? The water will evaporate. It is normal for water to drip into the defrost pan.

Is it more humid than normal? When it is humid expect that the water in the defrost pan will take longer to evaporate.

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